About the Eye Bank

Our staff are dedicated to the eye bank’s mission of sight restoration and aiding grieving families

Mission Statement

The Lions Medical Eye Bank and Research Center of Eastern Virginia is a non-profit transplant agency that provides people the opportunity to donate eye tissues, health care professionals the means to end blindness, and patients the hope of clearly seeing form, color, and motion.

Our mission is to:

  • Maintain public confidence by acting with dignity, honesty, and accountability;
  • Maintain strict quality control to assure safe and efficient use of donor eye tissue;
  • Retain eye bank personnel who are properly trained and committed to the benefits of donation, and who contribute to the overall success of the operation;
  • Foster the altruistic nature of donation through professional and community education;
  • Provide local and international health care professionals the highest level of service;
  • Encourage nurses and physicians to remain aware and enthusiastic about their role in the donation process;
  • Participate in research through tissue placement for research purposes and use of staff and financial resources to support research projects