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Resources and Links

Are you looking for the Lions Center for Sight?

As a tissue donation processing office, the law requires that we be a completely separate organization which does not provide healthcare services to living patients.

If you are looking for medical history or information on a current patient, please contact the staff at the Lions Sight Center.

EVMS Sentara Lions Sight Center

600 Gresham Dr.

Norfolk, VA 23507

Phone: 757-388-2100

Emergency Line: 757-628-5100

Fax: 757-756-5131

A blurry eye chart in the background is made sharp through the lens of glasses being held up for the camera

Are you looking for Lions Club Assistance?

Your local Lions Club can provide some financial assistance for certain expenses

related to eye exams and glasses. 

Financial assistance from Lions Clubs is a separate entity from the Lions Medical Eye Bank and Research Center of Virginia.

For information on current assistance available, you must speak to a Lions Club member.

A pair of black round glasses sits on an open book

Contact Your Local Lions Club for Assistance

Use this link to the Lions International Website to find contact information for your local Lions Club. Please keep in mind that all Lions Club members are volunteers. Leave them a message, and they will get back to you as soon as they can. 

Your local Lions Club also accepts donations of used eye glasses to help those in need.

There is a collection box for used eye glasses at the offices of the Lions Center for Sight in Norfolk General Hospital.

Are you looking for more information about

Tissue Donation?

Here are some links that we trust to give you accurate information so that you can make an informed decision about becoming an organ and tissue donor

Please note that these links will take you away from our website!

A person in a lab coat with a stethoscope holds up a sign with a red heart that says "Organ Donation Saves Lives"

Donate Life America

Utilize this link to find your state's registry. 

Done Vida

Utilice este enlace para obtener información sobre la donación de órganos y tejidos en español.

Donate Life Virginia

Those living in the state of Virginia can register directly from this site. 

Health Resources and Services Administration

More about organ donation from the United States HRSA. 

LifeNet Health

Our donor coordinators partner with LifeNet Health in the Hampton Roads area to make sure that donor's wishes are carried out with minimal interruption to their family during what is typically a difficult time.

Check out this article for a brief history of corneal transplantation surgery for the non-ophthalmologist!

Or, check out this video for a brief explanation of different types of cornea transplants.

Are you looking for more information about

Professional Eyebankers?

Here are some links that we trust to give you accurate information if you are looking for some professional resources in eyebanking

Please note that these links will take you away from our website!

Eye Bank Association of America

The EBAA is the accrediting organization for eye banks in the USA.

The Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations

GAEBA is an internationally recognized association of eye bank associations.

American Association of Tissue Banks

The AATB is the accrediting association for tissue banks in the USA.

Association of Organ Procurement Organizations

AOPO is the accrediting association for organ procurement organizations in the USA.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC helps control and prevent the spread of disease, and provides information about emerging diseases to tissue banks in the United States.

Food and Drug Administration

The FDA is another regulatory agency that licenses LMEB for operation.

We are in LMEB's lab, looking over the shoulder of a staff member who is looking at a cornea through a slit lamp microscope.
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