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Our Staff


Garney Johnson

Administrative Supervisor   email  /  phone

Michelle Burdick

Accountant   email  /  phone

B.A. Ciccolella

Administrative Assistant   email  /  phone

Donna Stephens

Special Projects Consultant   email  /  phone


David Korroch, CEBT
Chief Executive Officer   email  /  phone

Karen Kirkpatrick, MS, BS, CEBT

Director of Technical Operations   email  /  phone

Wanda Philippy

Director of Quality, Distribution, & Donor Services   email  /  phone

Leslie Rose, BS, CEBT

Director of Hospital & Professional Relations   email  /  phone
Bruce Bodner, MD

Medical Director Emeritus   email  /  phone
Mark Pavilack, MD

Medical Director  email  /  phone
John Sheppard, MD

Medical Director   email  /  phone

Brian Philippy, BSCHE, BS, CEBT

Technical Consultant   email  /  phone

Help Give The Gift of Sight! Contact for more information about career opportunities

Lab Coordinators

Nikki Davis

Donor Coordinator Laboratory Coordinator  email  /  phone

Amy Eckerty

Procurement Technician, Laboratory Coordinator   email  /  phone

Rachel Marro

Donor Coordinator, Laboratory Coordinator   email  /  phone

Tina Robbins, BS

Laboratory Coordinator   email  /  phone

Procurement Technicians

Emilie Brandt-Hare

Procurement Technician   email  /  phone

Nekkie Knox

Procurement Technician   email  /  phone

Jessica Runolfson

Procurement Technician   email  /  phone

Kyla Simmons

Procurement Technician   email  /  phone

Morgan Smith

Procurement Technician   email  /  phone

Donor Coordinators

Elena Botello

Donor Coordinator   email  /  phone

Tracy Buzzell

Donor Coordinator   email  /  phone

Taylor Cox

Donor Coordinator   email  /  phone

Amanda Hamp

Donor Coordinator   email  /  phone

Raya Mondragon

Donor Coordinator   email  /  phone

Kendra Philippy

Donor Coordinator   email  /  phone

Chris Stone

Donor Coordinator   email  /  phone

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We are Hiring! Eye Bank Surgical Recovery Technicians

Procurement Tech · NORFOLK, Virginia

The Lions Eye Bank of Eastern Virginia, a not-for-profit transplant agency, is seeking a per Diem Procurement Technician. The primary responsibilities of this position are to procure eye tissue from donor cadavers. Tissue procurement duties of this position are performed safely with consciousness of blood borne pathogens using Universal Precautions. ... Read More and Apply...

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